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Apeer Doors are Energy Effecient

Looking for the door of your Dreams? Use our Door Designers and create your own, personalised door now >>

Looking for your dream door? Use our Door Designers now

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Stay snug with a twin seal double rebated Composite Wood door from Apeer


Did you know that much like your washing machine or your fridge freezer, your front door can be energy rated too? So, when Apeer created their flagship product the Apeer70, they used the very latest in design and materials to help keep the heat in and the cold out; creating one of the most energy efficient doors available.

Double Rebate

Double rebate title=

Apeer70’s double rebate system adds additional draught protection by creating an internal secondary rebated seal.

Triple Glazed

Tripple glazed title=

For better insulation every Apeer70 is equipped with toughened triple glazed units and Apeer44 with double glazed units. Glazed units are also available with Low E glass and can be gas filled to offer improved thermal performance.

A Rated by Design

A rated design title=

Apeer Doors are A grade rating as standard when it comes to energy efficiency.

Why an Apeer Composite Door?

High Security

Apeer’s police-approved, ‘secured by design’ anti-bump, anti- drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kite-marked cylinder lock barrels are fitted as standard to every Apeer door.


Vast Colour Options

Our low-maintenance, highly robust colour finish is designed to stay looking good year after year, both on the outside and on the Inside.

Design your own Apeer Door


Choose from an extensive range of Apeer door designs & colours to create the door that’s perfect for you and request a quote for that very door all in one simple easy to follow process.


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