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Shaws of Brighton are happy to say we have remained open and we have now re-opened our Showrooms. Visits will be by appointment only and Covid 19 protocols will need to be adhered to.
Our sales team are available to provide you with appointment slots and timely quotations based on you providing pictures and approximate measurements of windows, doors etc.
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Looking for the door of your Dreams? Use our Door Designers and create your own, personalised door now >>

Looking for your dream door? Use our Door Designers now

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Checkatrade Certificate

250 Reputation Report Cards Processed

Shaws were recently awarded a certificate from Checkatrade to celebrate 250 Reputation Report Cards being processed

In February 2018 Shaws of Brighton were presented with a Checkatrade Certificate for 250 Reputation Report Cards processed. This is an honourable achievement for the Company as it shows the sheer dedication and hard work they have put in over the years – being crowned one of Checkatrades most active members.


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Checkatrade Certificate Shaws of Brighton

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