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Classic Ultraframe Roof

Classic Roof Systems

Choose from a vast range of colours and styles with an extensive array of options & upgrades, so you can personalise your new addition right down to the finishing touches.


Style Options


This is the most popular style of conservatory and has distinguishing architectural features such as a bay front, steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details.

Style variations can include:

  • 3-facet Victorian

The bay front has three main windows, widely angled for maximum space. This style is suitable for the majority of locations.

  • 5-facet Victorian

A bay front with five main windows, creating a pleasing period profile with a subtle rounded appearance. Offering the ideal blend of space and classical looks.


A flat fronted and gracefully understated variant of the Victorian conservatory.

Georgian conservatories offer a clean and simple look with strong bold lines. The full square corners on the Georgian style maximise the interior floor area as opposed to the more rounded corners associated with a Victorian.


Combining a mix of lean-to and Victorian styles, a ‘P-shape’ conservatory is the ideal choice for a larger conservatory.

By blending two styles into one you can create a conservatory big enough to offer two separate living areas – e.g. a dining room and living room.

A P-shape is ideal for creating maximum space whilst maintaining a sense of proportion with your house.

The Victorian section helps to create the P-shape that gives this style its name and can be specified as either a 3 or 5 panel design.


Ideal for larger properties with a long wall on which to build the conservatory.

A T-shape conservatory allows for maximisation of space and gives an attractive symmetrical appearance.

A central projection highlights the shape and can create a ‘porch’ effect to the conservatory if this is where the doors are placed.


Adds light and space and introduces a sense of architectural grandeur.

The choice of a gable fronted conservatory offers you a distinctive and alternative look by maximising the ceiling height to create a sense of drama and grandeur.

A steeper pitched roof ensures that your dream conservatory is a stunning space for you and your family to enjoy.


The original conservatory style, now brought up-to-date with Ultraframe technology.

Choosing a lantern style conservatory ensures drama and style representing the grandeur of times gone by.

The 2-tiered effect adds a new dimension to your conservatory and the extra ceiling height adds to the feeling of light and space.

Lanterns are typically suited to older style properties and are often chosen for swimming pool enclosures.


Unique and impressive structures made possible by Ultraframe’s technical expertise and years of experience in this specialist field.

Conservatories that are extremely large requiring extra support to take the weight of the roof and provide additional stability are known as large span or portal framed conservatories.

Here at Ultraframe we have an entire team that is dedicated to providing advice, estimates and technical information about large span conservatories.

The uses for them are endless – from magnificent swimming pool enclosures to large commercial extensions; anything is possible due to the flexibility and advanced engineering of the Ultraframe large span system.

Lean-to / Mediterranean

For those that prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean style sunroom a lean-to is the perfect choice.

Traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward area in which to fit a conservatory. The pitch of the roof is variable, so that a shallow pitch could fit under a low bungalow roof, whilst a steeper pitch would match the roof of a terraced house.

Often referred to as a sunroom or garden room, lean-to conservatories bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home.

The Classic system offers the chance to create a lean-to with a steeper roof pitch than that offered by the low pitch lean-to systems.

key features

Trickle Ventilation in Ridge

Trickle ventilation

Ventilation is vital to the maintenance of a comfortable environment – ventilation is often overlooked by both consumers and manufacturers, but not Ultraframe.

Chambered Top Cappings

Chambered top cappings

Chambered top cappings are now available for use with Classic glazing bars, creating a conservatory roof that offers increased thermal performance which is 4°C warmer.

Integrated Flashing Trim

Integrated flashing trim

The Classic system features an integrated flashing trim to ensure rain water is shed away from this area

Re-inforced Bars and Boulsters

Re inforced bars boulsters

Additional structural performance is needed in certain circumstances. Standard glazing bars can have steel reinforcement inserts.

MultiBar Glazing System

Multi bar glazing sysem

3 high strength glazing bar combinations are available to suit all roof designs and configurations.

Additional Features

Classical Styling

The architectural style has derived from the classical Victorian era


Classic Conservatory Roofing Systems flexibility allows it to cope with any roof design or configuration

Structural integrity

Each Ultraframe roof is structurally proven by the latest in conservatory design software, U-Design.

Pre-fabricated convenience

Ultraframe conservatory roofs are pre-fabricated in the factory to ensure rapid, snag-free, on-site installation.


Of prime importance is peace of mind against intruders which has been achieved by high security fixing details in all external cappings.


The flexibility of the Ultraframe Classic Roofing System allows it to be used for various applications.

Fast installation and fabrication times

A whole host of special clip-fit attachment details are incorporated keeping labour times to a minimum.

options and upgrades

PVC Crestings and Finials

Pvc crestings finials option

A choice of five different PVC finials and six crestings allows you to personalise the conservatory.

Super Duty Eaves Beam

Eaves beam

The Super Duty Eaves Beam allows confident specification of folding/sliding doors (or indeed any type of opening such as in-line sliders where additional spanning performance is needed)

Ventilated Half Ridge Assembly

Ventilated half ridge option

This option is always specified on complex shaped roofs like ‘P’ or ‘T’ shapes. It can be specified for standard lean to roofs.

Decorative Aluminium Cornice

Decorative connice option

Ultraframe offer a decorative aluminium Cornice option using the existing gutter as a hidden ‘liner’.

Opening Roof Vents

Roof vents option

Roof vents can be specified with a pole operated screw jack mechanism or you can opt for a full climate control package of rain sensor and thermostat.


Eavesflow option

Eavesflow sits within the eaves beam, introducing clean fresh air to replace the warm moist air that exits through the ridge.

colours and foils

Frame Colours




Ebony Black

Fir green

Fir Green



Irish oak

Irish Oak

Sage green

Sage Green



Glazing Colours



Bronze opal

Bronze / Opal








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