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Conservatory Self Build Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Building your Conservatory in Brighton

This step-by-step guide gives you an insight into the work that will take place at your home during the installation of your dream conservatory. As you can see a conservatory is a substantially built structure that has detailed foundations like any other building project. If you have questions about any stage of your conservatory project, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


1. The Proposed Site         2. Planning & Preparation        3. The Foundations        4. The Cavity Wall        5. The Insulated Floor Slab

6. Base Completion/Flashing        7. Installing Side Frames        8. Door & Roof Installation        9. Roof/Side Glazing

10. Last Few Jobs        11. Your Dream Conservatory

The Proposed Site

Step 1 title=

This will be the space you propose for the conservatory to be built


Step 2 title=

Space may be required for a skip during the groundwork stage

Step 3 title=

The ground is cleared as part of the preparation process

Planning & Preparation

Step 4 title=

The outline of the dwarf walls are calculated and marked out as per plans

Step 5 title=

Construction work begins with the digging of the strip footings

The Foundations

Step 6 title=

Footings are dug to a minimum depth of 450mm – this will vary depending on the ground conditions

Step 7 title=

Concrete is poured into the ‘trench’ to form the foundations

Step 8 title=

The concrete is floated to form a level surface area to build upon

Step 9 title=

Any drainage pipes will be identified, protected and ‘bridged’ by concrete lintels

The Cavity Wall

Step 10 title=

The outer leaf of the cavity wall is built to just below outside ground level

Step 11 title=

The inner leaf of the cavity wall is built to inner floor level

Step 12 title=

Any existing air bricks can be transferred through the base

The Insulated Floor Slab

Step 13 title=

Hardcore is laid and compacted to a minimum 100mm deep. A blinding screen of sand is then laid over the hardcore

Step 14 title=

Floor insulation and a damp proof membrane are laid over the sand

Step 15 title=

Concrete 100mm thick is laid to bring the slab up to the finished floor level

Step 16 title=

The concrete is floated to a smooth surface level

Base Completion/Flashing

Step 17 title=

Cavity trays may be installed depending on the porosity of the house masonry. Otherwise a standard flashing is used

Step 18 title=

The remaining dwarf walls are built to match the existing brickwork or as requested by the homeowner

Step 19 title=

The dwarf walls are built to the height agreed and should include insulation in the cavity wall

Installing the Side Frames

Step 20 title=

The PVCu external cill is fitted to the dwarf wall and the erection of the side frames begins

Step 21 title=

The side frames are ‘stitched’ together

Step 22 title=

On completion of the frames, the structural aluminium eaves beams are fitted to the head of the frames

Door & Roof Installation

Step 23 title=

The door frame is fitted to the side frames and dwarf walls

Step 24 title=

The drainage system will be fitted, including the guttering attached to the eaves beam and any down pipes

Step 25 title=

The ridge and starter bars are fixed into place

Completing the Roof/Side Glazing

Step 26 title=

All the glazing bars are fixed from the eaves beam from the ridge

Step 27 title=

The chosen glazing panels or sealed units are installed

Step 28 title=

If specified in the plans, a vent will be installed into the conservatory roof

Step 29 title=

The glazing is installed into the side frames

The Last Few Jobs

Step 30 title=

The door is glazed

Step 31 title=

All the finishing touches are added to the conservatory, including the sealing of the side frames against the house wall

Step 32 title=

The PVC internal cladding is clipped onto the eaves beam and ridge to complete the internal trims

Your Dream Conservatory

Step 33 title=

Your Dream Conservatory is now a reality! You can sit back, relax and enjoy your new stylish space

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