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Timber Door Hardware

Balmoral Lever Handles

Balmoral lever polished chrome
Polished Chrome
Balmoral lever satin chrome
Satin Chrome
Balmoral lever brass plated
Brass Plated
Balmoral lever black
Balmoral lever white

Balmoral Swan Lever Handles

Balmoral swan polished chrome
Polished Chrome
Balmoral swan satin chrome
Satin Chrome
Balmoral swan brass plated
Brass Plated
Balmoral swan white

Lever Handles

Baggs lever satin chrome
Baggs - Duo Pol/Sat Chrome
Venice polished chrome
Venice - Polished Chrome
Venice satin chrome
Venice - Satin Chrome
Venice duo pol sat chrome
Venice - Duo Pol/Sat Chrome
Amalfi polished chrome
Amalfi - Polished Chrome
Amalfi satin chrome
Amalfi - Satin Chrome
Dune polished chrome
Dune - Polished Chrome
Dune satin chrome
Dune - Satin Chrome
Dos polished chrome
Dos - Polished Chrome
Dos satin chrome
Dos - Satin Chrome

Other Handle Options

Durham euro pewter
Durham Euro Handle Pewter

Euro Cylinder Pull

Euro cylinder polished chrome
Polished Chrome
Euro cylinder satin chrome
Satin Chrome
Euro cylinder brass
Euro cylinder black

Round Euro Escutcheon Cover

Round euro polished chrome
Polished Chrome
Round euro satin chrome
Satin Chrome
Round euro duo polished sat chrom
Duo Polished / Satin Chrome
Round euro stainless steel rose
Stainless Steel Rose

Pull Handles *

300x19mm satin stainless steel
300x19mm - Satin Stainless Steel
600x25mm satin stainless steel
600x25mm - Satin Stainless Steel
1000x25mm satin stainless steel
1000x25mm - Satin Stainless Steel
1500x32mm satin stainless steel
1500x32mm - Satin Stainless Steel
1800 32mm satin stainless steel
1800x32mm - Satin Stainless Steel
1579 antique black
1579 - Antique Black
2157 antique black
2157 - Antique Black
225mm curved satin chrome
225mm Curved - Satin Chrome
225mm curved polished chrome
225mm Curved - Polished Chrome
22m duo straight pol sat chrom
225mm Duo Straight - Pol/Sat Chrome
225mm straight polished chrome
225mm Straight - Polished Chrome
225mm straight satin chrome
225mm Straight - Satin Chrome
3652 antique black
3652 - Antique Black
577 antique black
577 - Antique Black

*Available for Creative Entrance Door Range only

Patio Door Handles **

Patio silver
Pato gold
Patio white
Patio black

**Available for Patio Sliding Timber Doors only


Draught dodger polished chrome
Draught Dodger III - Polished Chrome
Draught dodger satin chrome
Draught Dodger III - Satin Chrome
Draught dodger brass plated
Draught Dodger III - Brass Plated
Draught dodger black
Draught Dodger III - Black
Draught dodger white
Draught Dodger III - White
1083 antique black
1083 - Antique Black
Satin stainless steel
Satin Stainless Steel
Victorian polished brass
Victorian - Polished Brass
Victorian polished chrome
Victorian - Polished Chrome
Victorian satin chrome
Victorian - Satin Chrome


Aa76cp 001
Door Viewers
Door stop
Door Stops
Door knocker
Door Knockers
Door knob
Door Knobs
Door numerals
Door Numerals
Door chains
Door Chains
Door holders
Door Holders
Cat flap
Cat Flaps

All accessories available in a vast array of styles, colours and finishes to suit any desired style. Please contact us for more details.

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