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With their ability to retain heat, keep out noise and make your home more secure, both double and triple-glazed windows offer a significant improvement on single-pane windows

But how do you decide on which type of glazing is best for you? We’re here to help, so you can have confidence you will install the perfect windows and glazing for your home.

What is Double Glazing?

A double-glazed window is made up of two panes of glass.

Double glazing is found on most houses nowadays and is generally very reasonably priced. People that upgrade from single glazing to double glazing will start to notice the impact on their electricity bills as soon as they are installed.

The PROS of double glazing:

  • It can be cheaper than triple glazing (typical price estimates)
  • They can reduce heat loss by up to 100%.
  • They are the most popular choice for households across the country.
  • Overall, double glazing tends to be less expensive than triple-glazed windows and it is often a popular choice due to its great all-round performance.

The CONS of double glazing:

  • They are less energy-efficient than triple glazing.
  • Double glazing is not as secure as triple glazing. In which the third pane adds an extra layer of strength.
  • They aren’t as long-lasting as triple glazing.
Double glazing from shaws of brighton

What is Triple Glazing?

A triple-glazed window is made up of three panes of glass.

The extra pane of glass over double glazing traps even more heat in your home and is a great choice for rooms that are often cold and receive very little natural light. These rooms tend to be north-facing. With added noise-reduction benefits, triple glazing is a wise choice if you have particularly noisy surroundings, such as a nearby motorway, plus the extra pane helps to further increase home security.

The PROS of triple glazing:

  • Increased efficiency which leads to lower energy bills
  • Produces a low “U-value”
  • More secure against break-ins, due to the added layer of glazing
  • Enhanced noise reduction, making them ideal for homes situated in loud, busy, or built-up areas
  • A warmer home thanks to less heat loss
  • Potential to add value to your home

The CONS of triple glazing:

  • Installation can be more expensive than double glazing.
  • A lot heavier than single or double glazing, due to the added layer.
  • They might not be necessary for the UK climate.
Triple glazing from shaws of brighton

Are Double Or Triple Glazed windows more energy efficient?

While just adding an extra pane of glass to a window might not sound like it would bring too many benefits to your home, it could actually make quite a big difference.

When you are working out which type of window is better in terms of thermal transmittance, it’s important to look for the ‘U-value’ measurement. ‘U-Values’ are industry-standard measurements used to compare a window’s energy performance. If the ‘U-value’ is low, the window is more energy efficient.

However, you shouldn’t only consider the amount of energy transfer that you lose (or gain) through your windows!

It is also thinking about the solar gain that comes with both double and triple glazing increasing the temperatures inside the room. If it’s a particularly hot day and you want your house to warm up accordingly, triple glazing will allow for less of this heat to seep through in comparison to double glazing. This means that you won’t benefit from the same amount of natural warmth with triple glazing as you would with double glazing.

Double and triple glazing from shaws

Triple Glazed window benefits

While just adding an extra pane of glass to a window might not sound like it would bring too many benefits to your home, it could actually make quite a big difference.

The additional pane is said to further reduce levels of noise from the outside and increase the efficiency of your home by not allowing as much heat to escape.

The cavity between each of the panes is usually filled with either krypton, xenon or argon. This creates a seal that reduces the draft and keeps the heat within the house.

Energy efficiency is measured by energy ratings

Higher ratings typically of ‘A’ or above offer the best results. Any window with a rating of ‘B’ or below loses more heat than it generates over a year.

If your home is south-facing, choose double-glazed windows with an ‘A+’ energy rating instead – they use Special Low Iron glass to allow more heat into a room, making the most of the sun’s rays.

Many people often ask if triple glazing makes a difference, but with the highest energy rating possible of A++, triple glazing is the best option if you want to retain the maximum amount of heat.

A energy rated window
Triple glazing for enhanced noise reduction

Triple Glazing for enhanced noise reduction!

If you live in an area that’s generally quite noisy then noise reduction might be a high priority when considering new windows.

Two things have an impact on how much sound will make it into the home and that’s the thickness of the glass as well as the space between the panes.

So, having 3 panes of glass isn’t necessarily better than 2, it’s more about the thickness but you can enjoy a quieter home thanks to your windows.

Needless to say, your windows will have to be closed for you to enjoy reduced levels of noise.

Is Triple Glazing really worth it?

Triple glazing is significantly more energy-efficient than double glazing – so is it worth the hefty investment?

You can get most of the benefits from triple glazing with double glazing if you enhance them. There are double glazing windows options on the market that are modern, have A+ energy efficient ratings and offer excellent U-values.

Yes, they might not hold just as much heat as triple glazing and it all depends on what windows you want to upgrade throughout your home, If it’s all of them, the cost will be more substantial but the heat retention will be more resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint over time.

Timber alternative triple glazed windows
Double glazing specialists brighton

Could Triple Glazing add value to your home?

When you take into account all of the benefits that triple glazing has over double glazing, your property is likely to have added some value once it comes to selling your home.

A well-insulated home that has lower energy bills and as a result will appeal to any potential buyer.


It’s a big investment no matter which one you choose, so it’s important to think carefully first before taking the plunge.

Before deciding whether you will choose double vs triple glazing, you must decide which type is more appropriate for your needs, you can discover the types of glass that are available, as well as the styles and what impact they will have on your home.

Windows are a big part of your home and could be the difference between a large electricity bill and a small one – as well as making it more appealing to potential buyers when you go to sell your house in the future.