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Here at Shaws we take glass seriously and many people think that glass is just for looking through – it is – but also for much much more!  Ultra4 Performance glazing includes Planitherm Total+ to help keep heat in, as well as offering more benefits; noise reduction, furniture fade prevention and high levels of security protection. By Choosing Ultra4 glazing You will have peace of mind knowing that you have glazing of the highest performance available

Ultra4 Glazing at a glance – You get all of these benefits in one window

Thermal Performance

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‘Ultra4 offers the same great thermal performance as  high specification ‘A’ rated windows.

A special microscopic coating on the glass helps to reflect heat back into your room offering savings of up to 22% on energy bills versus single glazing.

With up to 26% of all heat from homes being lost through the windows, choosing the right windows and glass is an easy way to make your home warmer.

Noise Control

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Making our homes free from unwanted noise is important for all of us. Ultra4 is specially designed with a transparent sound absorbing layer built into the glass and is 20% better than standard glazing at reducing sound.

Upgrading to Ultra4 will reduce the noise heard from cars, neighbours, planes and many other things that bring unwanted noise into your home.

High Security

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A safe home is critical, upgrading to Ultra4 will provide you with peace of mind and make your home more secure.

A very strong transparent film is glued between two layers of thin glass on the outside pane making it much harder to break than standard glass. If there is an accident on the outside pane, the film holds any broken glass in place and avoids it shattering.

Fade Protection

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How many times have you seen your furniture fade from years of exposure to the sun. This is a result of the UV light from the sun which will fade carpets, sofas and curtains. Reducing the effects of these UV rays helps your carpets & furniture stay looking new for longer.

Upgrading to Ultra4 will block 99.6% of the UV rays that fade furniture.

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