British Olympic legend selects Shaws for Windows & Doors in stunning barn conversion
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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement shall constitute the whole contract between the Company and the Purchaser and may not be amended or varied except by a document signed by the Purchaser and an Officer of the Company.
  2. The Purchaser shall be regarded as having received no representation made by or on behalf of the Company before the contract was entered into, which in any way induced representation in writing and signed on behalf of the Company and delivered to the Purchaser prior to signing the contract.
  3. The Company will not carry out those items unspecified in the Contract and shall not be responsible for works either promised or implied unless written into the Contract.
  4. If the Purchaser having applied for a personal loan through the Company to a Finance House and such application is not accepted the deposit paid by the Purchaser will be refunded in full (and the Contract declared void).
  5. Time is not the essence of this contract. Any time or date specified by the Company as the time at which or date on which goods will be delivered and/or installed is given in good faith but is given and intended as an estimate only and the Company shall not be liable for any loss damage of expense howsoever arising from delay in delivery and/or installation.
  6. The Purchaser shall permit the Company, its servants and agents to have access to the installation address at all reasonable times in connection with the installation.
  7. Full settlement of balance outstanding is due immediately upon completion of the work and the Company’s Fitter is authorised to accept payment in cash or by cheque by completed Loan Account documents.
  8. The Company reserve the right to request a collection charge of 2.5% per month on all outstanding balances and any costs incurred in recovering them.
  9. In no way will the Company guarantee by itself or its representatives that condensation can be eliminated or reduced.
  10. All glass is the best obtainable, but glass manufacturers will not guarantee against minor imperfections and the Company cannot be held liable for such imperfections.
  11. All units supplied and fitted by our Company carry a comprehensive guarantee for a period of ten years from the date of installation, provided the goods have been paid for as per contract. The Company shall replace free of charge any item proven to be faulty or to have been installed incorrectly. The Company cannot be held responsible for normal “wear and tear”, including lock handles and hinges, accidental damage, misuse or failure by the customer to comply with routine maintenance as per Company advice.
  12. The Company will not accept any responsibility for planning permission or buildings regulation approvals or disputes between local authorities unless contracted to do so and noted on the Contract.
  13. All descriptions, specifications, drawings and illustrations in sellers’ catalogues, price lists and other advertising matter shall not form part of the Contract.
  14. The Company reserve the right to cancel this Contract should our surveyor’s report prove unsatisfactory whereupon the deposit will be repaid in full.
  15. The Company reserve the right to amend the Contract price should the Company surveyor so advise because of the nature of the work, but in this case the Purchaser shall have the option, within three days of being notified in writing of the amended price, to rescind the Contract in writing.
  16. The Company or its servants will be in no way responsible for structural defects in the property before or during the installation.
  17. If the Company is unable to carry out the installation as detailed within 28 days of first offering to carry out the work, the Company reserves the right to make additional charge for inconvenience and storage.
  18. Proportions of these windows and the opening and fixed elements within them are for guidance purposes only and do not form part of the Contract.
  19. The Company undertakes to remove from the site all rubbish resulting from the installation.
  20. If necessary the customer shall at his own expense remove or re-site prior to installation any gas, electrical or plumbing installations and connections and arrange for the Post Office to re-site any Post Office equipment.
  21. The Company undertakes to restore the surroundings to the windows and/or doors to a sound and weather-proof condition following installation, but the Company does not undertake to restore or match the state of decorative repair where this has been unavoidably disturbed during installation, nor defective plaster work above windows and doors.
  22. The products stay the property of the Company until fully paid for.
  23. All units supplied and fitted under commercial contract to be guaranteed for a one year period only. To include parts and labour, provided conditions are applied as in clause 11.